The Asian Couture Federation Awards Gala is the most popular fashion awards ceremony in Asia. The host of the ceremony for this year was Marina Bay Sands.

More than 400 local and international attendees showed for the event, which includes both VIPs and regular guests. Other honored attendees included the Asian Couture Federation’s designers, executive board, and governors. Everyone was there to celebrate Asian couture and all the other couture throughout the world.

In the fashion industry, couture is considered the most elite type of fashion. Couture pieces are well crafted, and every little detail of their design was given the utmost attention by their individual creators.

At the awards ceremony, attendees were each treated to a gourmet meal after the stylish cocktail reception. The celebrity chef who prepared these luxurious gourmet meals was Hide Yamamoto. He organized these meals specifically to complement the couture celebration taking place. Servings of champagne and fine wines were just some of the attractive options on his menu. Meanwhile, attendees got to witness thousands of beautiful hydrangeas and white roses which surrounded the runway that was 30 meters long.

This ended up being the perfect place for showcasing the best couture in the world. It demonstrated the Asian Couture Federation’s vast number of networks and relationships throughout the world, as well as the most attractive arrangement of couture that was ever witnessed.

Famous Italian fashion designer and couturier Renato Balestra served as the representative of AltaRoma. Guests viewed his stylish collection as the essence of Italian luxury and design. The Beirut-based Basil Soda, who is a member of the Middle East and North Africa Couture Council, was next to display his precious and romantic collection to the audience.

To honor the origins of couture, there was a special display of work from 6 designers/members of the world-renowned La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. Inspiring works were on display of great couturiers like Christophe Josse, Alexis Mabille, Stephanie Rolland, and Maurizio Galante. They were accompanied by members who were invited like Julien Fournie, Livia Stoianova, and Yassen Samouilov. With the pieces of these great couturiers displayed together, the extensive range of talent throughout the world was evident in a single place.

The Asian display concluded the couture event. Each of the 17 designers and invited members of the Asian Couturier Extraordinaire displayed their 34 fascinating couture pieces in the finale. These couturiers came from 10 different nations in Asia. Guests got to witness this region’s amazing craftsmanship, creativity, and artistry on the runway show. This reinforces the objective of the Asian Couture Federation to showcase the elite couture talent of Asia to the rest of the world.

Everyone was surprised as the evening progressed and Korean entertainer Rain showed up to give a stunning performance. As soon as he came on stage, he performed a few of his most memorable hits. More entertainment attractions included the unique group called Three Waiters, which consist of three performers who act as singing waiters. Their inspiring performances were renditions of Spanish, Italian, and French opera. The crowd loved the singing so much that they sang along with them too.

Aside from the celebrity performers, elegant couture, fine gourmet meals, and VIPs, the event also paid tribute to the fashion leaders of the world. Up to 15 awards were given to recognize the achievements of various businesses and individual people that had a deep impact on the fashion industry throughout the world, especially in Asia. The expertise of these award recipients covers many different areas of discipline.

The international honorees included the Lifetime Achievement Award to Kenzo Takada, the Award to Venturini Fendi for “Outstanding Contribution to the Global Couture Industry,” an exclusive recognition to the performer Rain for being an “Asian Couture Federation Style Icon,” and the award to Bryan Boy for his “Outstanding Contribution to Social Media in Fashion.”

Kim Sung-Joo, who is the Chief Visionary Officer and Chairperson of MCM Holding AG and Sungjoo Group, was praised and recognized for her talent as an Asian native. She was given the award for “Outstanding Contribution to the International Fashion Industry.” There were other awards issued to various Asian talent of Singapore, including one to Frederick Lee in the category of “Outstanding Homegrown Couture House in Singapore,” and to Raoul for “Outstanding Homegrown Fashion Brand in Singapore.”

Due to the growing prescience of the Asian Couture Federation, the Executive Board went out of their way to welcome the new governors who were appointed and the Invited Members and the recent Asian Couturier Extraordinaire who were inducted. Some of the newly inducted governors included the Lord Mayor of Perth, Lisa Scaffidi, and the Indonesian media entrepreneur Dian M. Muljadi. The Asian Couturier Extraordinaires included Japan’s Keita Maruyama and the Philippines’ Furne One. More Invited Members of the Asian Couture Federation were Indonesia’s Tex Saverio, Japan’s Tamae Hirokawa, Thailand’s Roj Singhakul, and Mongolia’s Tsolmandakh Munkhuu. To symbolize this historic event, all the members of the Asian Couture Federation posed for a photograph together on stage. This showcased the broad range of its members throughout the Asian region. A champagne toast finalized this celebration that will surely be remembered for a long time.

After the Awards Gala was over, all the attendees received a warm welcome at the Couturista Party. This is the greatest fashion party in all of Asia. The Asian Couture Federation’s Vice President, Emily Hwang, had the honor of hosting this party. Guests got to see the couture world through Hwang’s imagination. There were lots of singers and dancers in extravagant tuxedos just performing their hearts out to an applauding audience. Attendees had the freedom to explore various areas of the couture world, including areas dedicated to make-up, hair, styling, photo shoots, and couture exhibits.

By the time guests were leaving, it was already morning. The Asian Couture Federation Awards Gala was certainly an unforgettable night for all the guests who attended.

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