Since its inception in 2011, FIDé Fashion Weeks, has recognized its unique position in being able to leverage an exciting and powerful fashion platform for the support and benefit of others. This has seen it extend assistance to causes as diverse as alleviating the devastating effects of the Tsunami in Japan and widespread damage caused by flooding in Thailand. Beyond natural disasters, it has embraced a desire to cultivate and nurture emerging creative talent across a range of disciplines ensuring that the talent of tomorrow has a helping hand. This was reflected in the Didier Grumbach Scholarship Fund, which was launched in 2011 with the aim of promoting exceptional Asian creative talent.


None of this could have been achieved without the partnership and collaboration of Celton as the Official Charity Partner. A role that it has undertaken since 2011 and which it proudly reprises for FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013. The Celton Group is fully committed to contributing to society through a systematic series of corporate donations, active support and partnerships which seek to benefit the lives of the less fortunate and to provide opportunities for growth and development for those who need it most.


Celton’s business culture, one it very much believes in and which extends to its philanthropic and charitable efforts revolve around “an opportunity to serve.” A vision that is entirely in line with the aims and goals of Fashion Week 2013. Throughout its initiatives across the globe and most notably in Singapore, it has fulfilled its commitments by focusing on numerous causes that address issues of youth, the underprivileged and the elderly. This year, Fashion Week 2013 and its Official Charity Partner – the Celton Group will continue to build on the successes of the past. Over the coming weeks we will be announcing how that will be achieved.