Once the Asian Couture Federation Awards Gala was finished, as many as 1,200 people came together to celebrate at the after party. Emily Hwang, the Vice President of the Asian Couture Federation, was responsible for hosting this huge fashion party. The invited attendees got to see her vision of the couture world up close and personal.

When Hwang stepped into the party, the audience roared with excitement. She was followed by 4 dancers and 3 singers who were dressed in tuxedos. The beat of the song “Diamond’s Are a Girls’ Best Friend” was playing in the background. After that performance, there were additional renditions performed of the greatest big band classics. Once those were over, Hwang gave a warm welcome to all the attendees who showed up. She personally thanked them all and told them to enjoy the biggest after party to ever be held in this town.

MCM, a world-renowned luxury brand, showcased their diamond inspired collection of Spring & Summer 2015 on the runway. Between all the sparkling crystals and geometric patterns of the diamonds, MCM was able to win over the crowd hands down. At the VIP tables, there were notable spectators watching the show. One of which included Paolo Fontanelli, who is MCM International’s Chief Executive Officer. He flew all the way there just to see the event in person.

Roberto Cavalli Vodka provided the cocktails for the guests to get them in the party mood. This is a brand of premium quality vodka that is made for luxurious events like this one. Marabu cocktails and Cobra cocktails were just some of the drinks served to the couturiers of the evening. There were also fine wines and champagne served too. A popular dessert buffet was established which served lots of sweets as well as TWG Tea.

Since this was the most substantial Asian fashion party in the industry, Asian couture from around the region was honored there. Guests got to experience this couture world through Hwang’s own vision and imagination. As a bonus, M.A.C. Cosmetics and Shunji Matsuo offered their own make-up and hair tips. Stylists were divided into their own special sections to share personal experiences with guests and provide them with insight into the current trends on the runway. One special section offered guests the chance to have a commercial quality photograph taken of them. Another area was dedicated to L’Officiel and their magazines of high-end fashion. Between the guidance and photo shoots, there was a lot of professional advice available to guests.

Since this was the most significant fashion event, guests and couture creators got to meet and become closer. World famous couturiers like Lebanon’s Basil Soda and Italy’s Renato Balestra each had an atelier set up which showcased their most superb pieces of work. Guests got to chat with each of these world-renowned designers. Some of the topics discussed included the process of making couture, the common materials used, and the ideas they have for developing their one-off style pieces.

Member designers of the Asian Couture Federation showcased 17 gowns, which are practically priceless, to Invited Members and Asian Couturier Extraordinaire. This created a plethora of fashion creativity for attendees to admire and appreciate. No other area of the region had so much craftsmanship, creativity, and artistry on display in one complete collection.

While guests talked and got to know each other, DJ’s showed up who had been invited to liven things up. Emily Hwang, who is the Vice President of the Asian Couture Federation, certainly set up an exclusive fashion party which fashion lovers throughout the world will never forget.

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