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Nationality : South Korean

A graduate from the prestigious ESMOD in Paris, Songzio is dubbed as the ‘best menswear designer in Korea’. The label is known for its characteristically architectural silhouettes that are deceptively voluminous yet slimming. His infusion of subtle Oriental influences and high-tech tailoring create looks that are avant-garde yet classic.

Award-winning designer Songzio has gained international acclaim since his debut in the Paris Fashion Week. He also showcased his collections in Barcelona Fashion Week as well as Men’s Fashion Week in Singapore. In South Korea, Songzio’s collections have collaborated with famous Asian celebrities such as Cha Seung-won, Lee Soo-hyuk and Kim Hyung Jun.

Songzio’s collection exemplifies his design identity: Aspiration. Aspiration is a strong desire, which ultimately stands for Songzio’s ambition. Every single astonishing piece of clothing is a visualized creation of his inspiration. His work symbolizes the odyssey of an imaginary young master who achieves his progressive ideals though daring emprises.


1)  Awarded the Mention D’Homme in Esmod, Paris

2)    Best Collection for Morphosis Awards