Vatit ltthi

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Vatit Virashpanth and ltthi Metanee are the creators behind Vatit ltthi, a ready-to-wear line that combines timeless elegance with a twist for the modern women. Vatit Itthi became a member of Chicago’s fashion circle and won a spot in Chicago’s Red Hot Fashion Show. The dynamic duo continue to offer custom-made evening dresses and wedding gowns that reinterpret classic tailoring techniques. They showed at Elle Fashion Week, Bangkok in 2008, and have since become a regular on the fashion calendar.

Clients of the brand range from ready-to-wear enthusiasts from Thailand and Indonesia, to custom-design devotees such as Thai socialites and loyal customers from Chicago who have been with the brand from the get-go.


  1. Up & Coming Fashion Designers Award 2006 by Fashion Group International of Chicago