A talented French couture, known for his unique and exclusive fashion designs, is the new unlikely partner of a fast-growing online fashion retailer. How did this happen?

At the 2013 FIDé Fashion Weeks event, it was announced that Singapore’s top fashion brand for women Love, Bonito would be collaborating exclusively with French fashion designer Julien Fournié. Love, Bonito is the number one online retailer in all of Singapore. They specialize in selling high-quality clothing that is affordable for the average consumer.

As for Julien Fournié, he is associated with the La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and has already collaborated with big named fashion brands like Jean Paul Gaultier and Celine. Everyone in the fashion world just loves to watch this designer in action.

Rachel and Viola are the two female entrepreneurs who founded Love, Bonito. When they traveled to Paris to visit Fournié’s workshop, they supervised as Fournié created his latest collection. At the 2013 Fashion Week, this collection made its big debut. Fide Fashion Weeks organized the event and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands had presented it. Afterward, the collection went on to be exclusively sold at the online store of Love, Bonito.

The two young ladies were very happy and ecstatic to be selling this designer’s branded collection in their online retail store. FIDé Fashion Weeks has always been good at connecting various fashion designers and businesses together as partners. Fashion Week 2013 was particularly amazed that Rachel and Viola are both under 30 years old and yet, they have such a sense for business. They hope that other youthful Singaporeans will be inspired by the success of these girls.

This is the first time for a collaboration between a French Couture and an online fashion retailer. Based on this collaboration, industry leaders are hopeful that more people will be able to appreciate couture and see it as a form of art.

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