Vatit Itthi, which is a member of the Asian Couture Federation, was invited to display their collection for the Autumn/Winter 2018 season in Bangkok, Thailand. All the fashion leaders of Asia were present at this Elite Fashion Week event held in early 2018.

The collection of monochromatic designs received critical acclaim from many industry leaders of Asia. They just loved the beige colors and small hints of flair for these designs. Vatit Itthi is comprised of two Thai fashion designers who are very skilled in their craft, especially when it comes to fashion trends.

Their latest collection was inspired by the fashionable domiciled women of Southern France. This is an area where exquisite evening gowns and summer dresses are the norms. Every casual piece of tailored clothing reaches down to the floor and consists of various materials that were manually embroidered.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Elle Thailand, Vatit Itthi showcased 2 original couture creations of theirs at the event celebration entitled “Elle 20th Anniversary Celebration: Fashion Tribute Collection.” Other presenters at the event included approximately 21 of the most talented designers of Thailand.

The Thai leaders of the fashion industry paid their respects to the great Lamyong Boonyarataphan. He is recognized as being one of the main influencers of Rapee Couture and Rapee fashion in general. Vatit Itthi had a goal to integrate the Thai qualities of Rapee Couture in with the look of their own brand. They did this by decorating Thai silk with contemporary art. The results were simply mesmerizing.

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