At least 400 local and international guests showed up for the Asian Couture Federation Awards Gala. In case you didn’t know, this ceremony is one of the most important fashion awards events in all of Asia. It recognizes the many creative talents which exist throughout the globe and region. Not only that, it takes guests on an adventure to explore the couture world for themselves. In other words, guests received an exclusive insight into the most high-end avenue of the fashion industry.

Throughout the evening of the ceremony, there were 4 spectacular shows performed for guests which showcased the very best craftsmanship, artistry, and creativity of couture. These shows were performed by world-renowned couturiers. They were represented by the Asian Couture Federation, the MENA Couture Council, AltaRoma, and La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.

During the first show, the collaboration between the Asian Couture Federation and AltaRoma of Italy was greatly expressed. Renato Balestra, one of the most famous Italian couturiers and representative of AltaRoma, brought femininity and elegance to the runway of the event. His work clearly defines the “Made in Italy” label and the qualities they represent. His couture collection included brocades, silks, chiffons, jewels, and embroidery. While this collection was showcased for the guests, which consisted of heads of state and other royalty, there was cheerful Riviera type music playing in the background.

Basil Soda showcased his couture collection, which was one of the most highly anticipated displays of the evening. He originally comes from Beirut, Lebanon, but went on to be the Middle East’s most praised fashion designers. After the recently established Middle East and North African Couture Council was formed, Soda became an MCC Couturier Extraordinaire. The Asian Couture Federation supports the operation of this council.

Soda’s couture collection consisted of orange and yellow hues decorated with flower motifs and warm pastel tones. This seemed to showcase the warm feelings and expressions of the Middle East. At the red-carpet ceremonies in London, Cannes, and New York, these kinds of creations are noticed all the time. The Asian Couture Federation expressed their happiness over Basil Soda and his wife showing up for the event after flying in from Lebanon.

It wouldn’t be a truly significant couture event without paying tribute to the headquarters of couture; Paris, France. No other location has done a better job of showcasing this unique style of fashion. Basically, when a couturier designs a piece, it is an expression of their creativity and vision. The La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture had 6 members display their great work to guests. Some of these couturier members have recognizable names like Christophe Jesse, Maurizio Galante, Stephane Rolland, and Alexis Mabille. The audience was truly fascinated by the range of diversity and beauty of the couture pieces on display.

During the finale of the event, a special runway show was conducted which displayed 34 gorgeous couture pieces that were designed by members of the Asian Couture Federation. Between the Invited Members and the Asian Couturier Extraordinaire at the event, so much couture talent was packed into one place for the evening. Of course, they each have a separate vision of their own in terms of the style and personality of their work, but they do provide the same attention to their craftsmanship and the minor details of their work. The evening ended wonderfully, and guests got to experience for themselves all the creative talent of the couture world which is currently present in Asia.

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